Imagination Is The Ultimate Weapon. Here’s How!

Have you noticed a pattern in your life of late? Things, people, circumstances all SEEM to be the same. AS IF you are playing out the same drama you were playing yesterday and the day before, and the year before. STRANGE!!! Isn’t it?

Good news is that you have the ability to notice. Many people are living their lives in autopilot mode. They react, assume and take action in a default mode, by believing that “life is such, there’s no alternative to this”. GONE ARE THOSE DAYS.

With the power of meditation and imagination, you can reinforce a vital life force within you to spur the changes you were wanting so bad. Let me explain.

You probably have heard about Tesla, Christian Larson and Neville Goddard. They all are put under the category of “new thought leaders and authors”. They brought about enormous changes in the society with the power and conviction of their thoughts and speech. I have read most of Neville Goddard’s books. His conviction and faith on the fact that “your own HUMAN IMAGINATION is god”, is remarkable. If you are new to neville, you will take time to digest it. But, after consistently listening to him for DAYS, i REPEAT, listening to him (no other) for DAYS and months, you CAN’T get it wrong.


Will you? Do you have half and hour to spare for the incredibly easy technique he shows you to change your woes to winning attributes? Just half an hour to meditate, be in the STATE AKIN TO SLEEP, go within your mind and construct a scene that IMPLIES that your wish is fulfilled? Yup. It’s that simple.

Now, what if you don’t believe it is so SIMPLE. I would suggest that you listen to his lectures. Join neville groups on social media. Read success stories and OBSERVE how things happened for other people.

WHAT IF your problem seems to be bigger than just this solution can provide you help with? For example, you were sacked from your job and you think it can’t be reversed? WRONG. There’s a flip side to it.

You were promoted and appreciated at work. BOOM! Imagination!!! Your secret weapon.

The easiest way to practice neville’s teachings is to FLIP the story in your mind. Nevillites call it “REVISION”. I call it “recreation”.


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