How To Know If Your Living, In The End, Is Working?

There’s an interesting question about “living in the end” and “living from it” in LOA and Neville communities. How to know if my living in the end is working? And then subsequent number of questions follow. Ever wondered why it is asked again and again?

It’s simple. It is a skill that is learnt over time. Now I am nobody to argue or give information on what “time” it might be for you. But, I can state that scientists say that it takes about a week to a fortnight to cultivate a new habit. Some say 3 days of visualizations and self talk will do (for a focused manifestation to take place in 3D). Some say it’s a week or less, depends on YOUR experience and handling on a particular topic.

Now let’s say you have hand brakes on topic of a specific person (doubts, fears, resentments or limiting beliefs). At the core you don’t believe it is possible then we tell you to sleep in the wish fulfilled. However, as soon as you wake up… You are back to reality and you catch the mood of what’s in front of you. Then it’s going to be according to what you feed your mind (with the mood) after you wake up and throughout the day.

However, if you take a plunge and say “you know what I’m gonna try it nevertheless”. And jump right in the wish fulfilled sleep state and remember your visualization and the FEELING it creates each time you wake up and walk throughout the day for a consecutive number of days, THEN, you may get introduced to signs, synchronicities, or bridge of events that lead you to the actual manifestation.

Here’s a little tip:

Try writing down all the chatters in your mind AGAINST your manifestation and WHY it can’t happen and then start writing the flip side of each sentence. Write in positive.

Every time you come up with your “realistic talks”, tell yourself gently, “that’s the old man talking sweetheart, now we are experiencing this……………………… he just called me!!!”

Or, “I have manifested this relationship before, I can manifest it again for sure”. Time to put on the new socks!! The new attitude!!

Now, how would you know if it’s ALREADY working for you? The moment you get a thought that resonates to the wish fulfilled such as replying to someone about this topic in positive “yeah we talk to each other every day”, or naturally feeling okay, feeling relieved with or without it, you know you have hit the mark and are on the brink of it.

Also, in the natural expectancy state you do not utter curse words or speak angrily about your specific person. Every time you think of them, you get a warm feeling and start singing or listening to romantic songs or think positively about them.

Living in the end is basically living as THOUGH you already have the thing you want. So, it feels as natural as a good relationship can make you feel. Period.

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