Your Inner Conversations Create Your Outer World!

I’m sure you must have heard the sentence many times before. If you are a neville follower or student, you must be knowing how inner conversations can shape your world. There are tons of Youtubers out there explaining about the very concept.

But, how does it resonate with you? Does it really work? Of course it does.

Have you caught yourself thinking something (thoughts being an imaginary conversation) and completely forget about it and then one day BOOM…. someone talks it out loud to you. You are like wait a minute, i heard it somewhere before… Oh yes!! It was a conversation I was having with myself few days or hours ago!!! How incredible and shocking at the same time!

It’s not shocking as you get used to these occurrences in your day to day life. However, if you starting out new to this concept, I will suggest that you control your inner conversations regarding ONE topic lets say money and see what happens next.

Example: Say things like “Hey did you notice how money is rolling in nowadays?” “I love how money comes to easily and effortlessly”, “everything works out for me, I am financially secure indeed”.

Or, use I remember when statements such as “I remember when I used to struggle, now those days are gone”, “I remember when I used to save up pennies for shopping, now I don’t”, “I remember when things were too costly, now they aren’t!!!”

Also, “isn’t it wonderful that I get money all the time?”, “Isn’t it wonderful that I am so prosperous and healthy?”, “Isn’t it wonderful that I am becoming more abundant day by day?”.

Try it and let it know in comments 🙂

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